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$10.00 STARBUCKS GIFT CARD TODAY (Black Friday) One Day Only. Also Makes a GREAT gift. Any Music Cd Purchase Of Your Choice! Enter Coupon Code “freecoffee” Happy Black Friday Everyone!

Hello, Music Lovers. One Day only sale for this black Friday 11-27-20. Please enter coupon code “freecoffee” while viewing your cart and I will upgrade your “Starbucks gift card” to the amount of $10.00. Thank You and enjoy the Music and your favorite starbucks beverage! Cheers, James


Hello, Music lovers. It’s truly a very special Thanksgiving this year with all the very unfortunate things going on in 2020. We have so much to be thankful for and its presents a wonderful opportunity for Time of reflection with ourselves and love ones and how we took so many simple things for granted. Not to mention the frustration-economic hardship and empty promises made for many of us. However there is light at the end of this tunnel! One and the most important is You and the wonder each of you bring into the World. Hopefully the vaccine is around the corner. When all of us can return back to our normal lives again without all the restrictions. And sweet music begins to fill the air again in 2021. We (the band) are starting to put the finishing touches on our upcoming Music cd and can’t wait to share it with all of you. Thank You for your continued support and remember “Don’t Worry be happy” Because when we chose the simple act of being Happy we are taking action and conquering all fear and doubt. The best for you! James

FUN Swinging Traditional Christmas Classics-Smooth contemporary Classics Holiday Classics

It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas-Holiday party or event including as early as “Black Friday” 11-27-20. I am featuring all of your very favorite fun swinging traditional classics (Let it snow-Santa Claus is coming to town- Winter Wonderland and many more). These are truly the best of the very best while you and your family mingle around the Christmas tree and fireplace with your very favorite Christmas-Holiday cheer. Also available for any type of social gathering. In addition I have smooth contemporary holiday classics featuring “Christmas Time is here-A Marshmallow World (Everybody’s favorite) and for all the lonely singles I feature the very sexy “Santa’s Baby” so go over and stand under the Mistletoe and see if what or anything happens and if not there’s always “New Years eve” (Lol). Jingle bell rock will leave you rocking all the way up to “New Years Eve” so break out your hard hat and keep it rockin. Truly a great mixture of Music for both young and old. Many band options are also available most popular are trio-Quartet. Say you don’t have much money for a band? Go “Solo Sax-Clarinet night party. (Very popular) takes up very little space and is very budget friendly and your guest friends and family won’t skip a beat with these beautiful sounding backing tracks. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! Best James.

It’s The “GREAT Pumpkin Season” Enjoy Get Your $5.00 Gift Card To Your Local Starbucks And Enjoy The Music

Hello, Music Fans. Thank You for your support and happy Holidays. Including this coming “Veterans Day” (11-11-20) and Thank You for your service! When you make a hiring (Solo-Band) this early autumn and fall season please send me your request. During this time I am featuring many lounge room favorite hits that includes “Autumn Leaves”-You”d be so nice to come home to” and “Old devil Moon” however your request are always welcome. It”s never to early to start planning your Christmas-Holiday Season event. Purchase a music cd of your choice today and enjoy the “Pumpkin Season” at your local Starbucks coffee with your $5.00 gift card (includes free shipping). While viewing your cart with your Music cd selection just enter “freecoffee”. while checking out. And Thank You! Cheers, James


It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas party-Holiday event including this coming “Black Friday” 11-27-20. I am featuring all the very fun swinging traditional Christmas classics (Let it snow-Santa claus is coming to town-Winter wonderland and many more. These are truly the best of the best while you and your family mingle around your Christmas tree close to your warm fireplace with your very favorite Christmas-Holiday cheer. Also fun smooth contemporary holiday classics featuring “Christmas time is here-A marshmallow world (everybody’s favorite) and all you lonely singles out there I feature the very sexy” Santa’s baby” so go stand under that Mistletoe and see if what or anything happens and remember there’s always the New Year (Lol)-Did I mention that Jingle bell rock will leave you rocking into the new Year, so break out your hard hat (lol) and many many more. Truly a GREAT mixture of both young and old. Many band options are available most popular Trio-Quartet. Say you don’t have much room for a full size band or maybe your on a budget? Go “Solo Sax-Clarinet” (Very Popular) with beautiful sound backing tracks and your friends and family will never skip a beat and you will swear its a live band! Cheers, James

Purchase a Music Cd Of Your Choice And Get Your $5.00 Gift Card To Starbucks Coffee

Please remember to enter “freecoffee” when viewing your cart when making your Music cd selection for purchase and enter your coupon code “freecoffee” and your Music cd that you purchased and your $5.00 card will be mailed out to you it’s that easy. Your purchase also includes FREE shipping. Start enjoying the Music and your favorite beverage Today! And Thank You for sponsoring the Music. Cheers, James.

NEW upcoming Cd Release

Hello, Everyone. Just a quick note we have completed Three (3) NEW and very exciting tracks of our NEW and exciting upcoming cd release featuring iconic Jazz cross over hits “Killer Joe”-“Take Five” and Manteca! These are very exciting tracks both for your listening and dancing pleasure. Stay tuned more to follow on this project. But please remember you can help us support the Jazz when you purchase a Music cd of your choice and receive a $5.00 gift card to “Starbucks Coffee” Just enter “freecoffee” when you view your card. Enjoy! And Thank You for your support. Cheers, James

Click Here:Policy For Clubs-Venues Regarding Cancellations and Rescheduling:

Effective immediately all cancellations regarding (Clubs and Venues only) can be reschedule within a Thirty (30) day window of your original event date and Time with no cost to you. As a one (1) Time courtesy to Clubs and Venues. This applies to “Solo Sax-Clarinet Night Parties and Band Bookings”. Please do not schedule numerous dates that you might have to cancel as this only ties up my schedule and results to lost income and Time for me. Sometimes such as bad weather and other unforeseen acts of God and nature can force and cause a cancellation to your event. That is reasonable and understood. This also applies to oversights on your part (Clubs and Venues) regarding double bookings. Sometimes you schedule a Band booking or a “Solo Sax-Clarinet Night Party.” and made a oversight and booked another Band or Musician for the exact same date and Time. This also understood and reasonable. Mistakes happen. The issue of “double booking” does happen on occasion and I am always willing to try and work with you and rescheduled within a thirty (30) day Window of the original event date and Time again as a one (1) courtesy. However if you (Club-Venue) acts irresponsibly and you don’t follow through on your part to contact me and or ignore my emails-phone calls-voices mails etc., in an attempt to reach out to you to re-schedule and you don’t make an effort to reschedule me with in Thirty (30) Days then your account and good word is no longer accepted and a 50 o/o deposit is required for your next event and a signed contract. When you schedule your important date and Time with me your word is good and your good faith and credit is always excepted and appreciated. However when I block out your important date and Time on my Calendar then Two (2) things happen. 1) I stop looking for Clubs and Venues to perform Music for on your date and Time. And 2) I inform other interested Clubs-Parties and Venues that I am already scheduled for the Date and Time that they are inquiring about. So enclosing please use caution and be considerate when scheduling. Thank You James

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