Hello, Music Subscribers and Music fans. Its a oldie but a goodie (Walking my baby back home) made famous back with “Nat King Cole.” and when I am performing its always a favorite amongst listeners. Its champagne Music at its very very finest usually catches everyone flat footed because they have forgotten about this lovely melody. Its a fairly simple tune not to overly harmonically complex for the listener and the “bridge” modulates to its relative minor key” after preforming it many will stop by and Thank me for stirring many fond memories and young lovers are always intoxicated when they have a opportunity to listen to it for many their very first time. If your planning a event-open house mixer and need fun swing swinging eloquent Music I’m your ticket for success! Your booking also includes FREE bumper (dj sevice) during set up and short break. And if you are a Subscriber I can offer you a FREE case of very fine wine (while supplies last). Cheers, James