Hello, Dear Subscribers and Music fans. Warming up to the thought of spring, catching some spring fever? Music is in the air and is all around you. always has been and always will be (The power of Music) is such a positive force in my life. I discovered a beautiful melody to share with you that for some unknown reason had escaped me all these years that has some very interesting chord changes and by my own surprise was written by the great “Frank Loesser” and the name of the tune is “I hear Music” . But as I thought about it and was reflecting it should had not surprised me because Mr. Loesser has a unique approach harmonically and his melodies are melodically thought out with simplicity which makes “I hear Music” so brilliant! (On a slow boat to china). Put it on your “must listen to music bucket list” you won’t regret it. The tune is beautifully conceived both melodically and harmonically and does swing and will put a spring bounce in your every step you take. And like most Mr. Loesser composition and in this case “I hear Music” is a bit obscured to most jazz instrumentalist. However it is very rewarding for be to present it to you during a live performance and entertain you along with many other spring time fever hits. Add years to your life by listening to wonderful Music. Excellent Music for any type of a social mixer event or party. Schedule your party Today! Cheers, James