Hello, Dear Subscribers-Music fans. Celebrate your Memorial day event 5-31-21 Featuring “It’s A Wonderful World” (Louis Armstrong) affectionally known as “Pops” among Musicians! Also featuring fun swinging New Orleans French style Clarinet (Pete Fountain). Always very light and entertaining a real crowd pleaser for sure. GREAT Music for a theme party event as well. This will make you feel that you never left good old New Orleans or that maybe your back on the French Rivera whatever the case maybe with not even having to leave your home. With all the potential food possibilities available to you your event is sure to be a instant success!. You can serve up your very favorite yummy food dishes and can dress up in funny costumes with bright colors and use your noise makers to help you and your guests celebrate. I feature many favorite hits for both your listening and dancing pleasure. Hits like Hello Dolly-Dream a little dream of me and Cabaret just for a short set-list sample. I also will include with your booking a FREE hour of bumper Music (DJ service) during set-up and short break to help entertain you and your guest and also set the tone for your party/event. If your a subscriber and while supplies last I can include a FREE case of fine wine! Cheers, James